Deltoid Ligament

What is Deltoid Ligament? Deltoid ligament is a tissue, which is triangular in shape and connects the tibia to the inside

Adam’s Apple

What Is Adam’s Apple? The Adam’s apple is a laryngeal prominence in the human neck. It is the largest thyroid cartilage

Orbicularis Oculi

What Is Orbicularis Oculi? Orbicularis oculi muscle is generally a circular muscle located below your skin, around your eyes4. It

Acromion Process

What Is Acromion Process? Definition of Acromion Process Acromion is a structure on the shoulder plate. It is a sideways


What Is Endosteum? Endosteum is a structure found on the inner surface of the bone. It is a membrane layer


What Is Thymus? The thymus gland is a pinkish grey lymphoid organ that is pyramid shaped and located in the

Thecal Sac

What Is Thecal Sac? Thecal sac is the layer that protects the spinal cord. It is filled with cerebrospinal Fluid and


What is Spleen & Location of Spleen Spleen is one of the largest organs of the lymphatic system. It is

Cricoid Cartilage

What is Cricoid Cartilage? Cricoid Cartilage is a ring-shaped structure found at the top of the trachea and at the

Lingual Tonsil

What Is Lingual Tonsil? Lingual Tonsil is located in your oral opening and comprise mainly of lymphoid tissue. Tonsils protect