Dimple Piercing

What is Dimple Piercing? Dimple piercing is also known as cheek piercing. It is done on two sides of your

Scintillating Scotoma

What Is Scintillating Scotoma? Scotoma is a blind spot in your field of vision. Scintillating scotoma is one of the

Sessile Polyp

What is Sessile Polyp? Sessile polyp are cells that grow inside your colon lining. Many of these colon polyps are

Mucus Plug

What is Mucus Plug? Mucus plug is the buildup of secretion in the cervical canal. Cervical gland is responsible for


What is Spleen & Location of Spleen Spleen is one of the largest organs of the lymphatic system. It is

Cricoid Cartilage

What is Cricoid Cartilage? Cricoid Cartilage is a ring-shaped structure found at the top of the trachea and at the

Lingual Tonsil

What Is Lingual Tonsil? Lingual Tonsil is located in your oral opening and comprise mainly of lymphoid tissue. Tonsils protect

Skene Gland

What Is Skene Gland? Skene gland is also called paraurethral gland, periurethral gland and lesser vestibular. This gland is found

Torus Palatinus

What Is Torus Palatinus? Torus palatinus are bony growths on the palate or roof of your mouth. The growths are

Dilated Pupils

What are Dilated Pupils? Dilated Pupils is the change in size of the pupil as physiological response towards a stimulus.